Haircare line

Hydrating Shampoo

Thanks to the amino acids in sugar beet, Shieldon Hydrating Shampoo gives shine, softness and resistance to the hair, giving a remarkable antistatic effect and preserving its structure in presence of high temperature and humidity.

Gently Nourishing Conditioner

The natural extract of cayenne pepper and cinchona bark contained in Shieldon in Gently Nourishing Conditioner stimulate hair growth and blood circulation in the scalp, offering an excellent conditioning effect and giving extreme softness and spine to the hair. Coconut oilprovides hydration and volume.

Healthy Glow

Shieldon Healthy Glow is a clear protective gel that contains flaxseed oil extract. It can be applied before presence of salt, chlorine water or sun. Applied after washing, it prevents alterations due to heat through hair dryer, plate and iron.

It acts as a protective shield without oily, sticky or heavy effect on the hair.

Shieldon haircare are products with specific ph, slightly acid. This characteristic allows hair and skin to maintain an hydrolipidic balance even with a daily use and instantly provides a healthier look.